Connect to the #SFO FREE WIFI Network Using an iPhone or iPod on iOS6

Free wireless internet access is here, courtesy of SFO.
To connect to the #SFO FREE WIFI network using an iPhone or iPod Touch on iOS6, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Locate the Settings icon and press it.

Step 2

Click on the Wi-Fi tab under Settings.

Step 3

If your Wi-Fi settings have been turned off, swipe the button to the right to scan for available Wi-Fi connections.

Step 4

Find #SFO FREE WIFI in the list of networks and click the network name to connect.

Step 5

Once the connection has been established, a blue checkmark displays next to #SFO FREE WIFI and the network's name turns blue.

Step 6

To connect to the internet, open a web browser and type a website address. The #SFO FREE WIFI page opens. Click the button to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.
You will now be logged in to SFO’s complimentary Wi-Fi service.