Connect to the #SFO FREE WIFI Network Using a Samsung Galaxy S3

SFO FREE WIFI splash page

Free wireless internet access is here, courtesy of SFO.
To connect to the #SFO FREE WIFI network using Samsung Galaxy S3, follow the steps below.

Settings IconStep 1

Locate the Settings icon and press it.

Step 2

If your Wi-Fi settings have been turned off, swipe the slider to the right to enable Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi screen with list of available networks

Step 3

Select Wi-Fi. A list of available networks displays.

Step 4

Select #SFO FREE WIFI. Once the connection has been established, the network's name turns blue and signal strength bars appear to the right of the network's name.
SFO FREE WIFI splash page

Step 5

To connect to the internet, open a web browser and type a website address. The #SFO FREE WIFI page opens. Click the button to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.
You will now be logged in to SFO’s complimentary Wi-Fi service.